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Here at SNCA, we offer coding classes on Scratch/Python with the Raspberry Pi. Through our programs, students will learn:

  • Basic coding fundamentals
  • Basic coding interfacing with Raspberry Pi
  • Coding Sensors with Raspberry Pi
  • Coding Robots with Raspberry Pi
  • Planning and executing mini-projects

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About Python

Python is a general purpose programming language. It is the programming language being taught in MOE schools as an 'O' level subject.

Like many other programming languages, it is object-oriented. What makes Python different is its flexibility in syntax.

Python is inspired by the British comedy group "Monty Python" and is designed to suit both new and seasoned coders.

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Python is easy to use

Unlike other programming languages, Python is easy to learn. In fact, the syntax was designed to be as close to the English language as possible. Since Python is idiomatic, it allows programmers to code more efficiently and naturally.

Python programming comes in many different forms. These "forms" are known as integrated development environments (or IDEs for short). IDLE, PyScripter, IPython and Spyder are just some of the many IDEs out there to program on.

IDLE is good for starters as it is easy to use, easy to experiment, and comes packaged together nicely when you download and install Python from Python.org.

Why learn Python as a first language?

In Python, there is no need to declare types explicitly. This allows the programmer to type less verbose code and program more efficiently.

python syntax c++ syntax

Python provides flexibility in calling functions and returning values.

Python looks cleaner, is object oriented, and is less strict about data-type declaration.

python printing to console c++ printing to console

About Scratch

Scratch is a programming language built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is free and is designed to be an entry point and introduction to coding for young children. This does not mean that Scratch is "less advanced". It is a powerful language in itself.

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Programming on Scratch is block-based, meaning that there is no actual typing of code. This allows the children to quickly pick up basic programming concepts without having to deal with verbose text. It boasts a large online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games and animations.

While Scratch is primarily designed for children aged 7 to 16 year olds, it is also used by people of all ages, including younger children along with their parents.


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Patterns on Scratch


Games on Scratch

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