Educational Institutes

We collaborate with IMDA and MOE under the Code-For-Fun (CFF) program for schools. We regularly conduct sabbaticals, workshops and enrichment lessons for students throughout the year. We can also provide additional training for teachers on use of microcontrollers and Scratch and Python. We have also been involved in conducting after-school coding and robotics classes for international and private schools.

Please contact us for more details on our coding enrichment classes.

Private Firms and Government Bodies

SNCA is dedicated to her mission of building a skilful community living in a Smart Nation. We have worked with both private firms and government agencies to organize workshops for divisional learning. Our program duration can range from half-day, to full-day to a comprehensive course spanning several weeks. Our various programs are customizable to meet the different needs of participants from different backgrounds.

Please let us know of your requirements so that we may select a program that best suits your company's needs.