Looking to pick up new skills during the break?

Students focusing on their coding

SNCA provides holiday programs and bootcamps during each school break. We bring your child's coding skills to higher levels with these exclusive programs!

Our holiday classes consist of convenient bite-sized sessions, with flexibility selecting the dates. Sign your kid up this holiday season and we will cater to your busy schedules!

Simply drop us a note and we will keep you updated on our upcoming September Holiday program schedule!

Coding Robotics

Robotics Class

Expose your child to Robotics, where mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science come together to bring life to robots. Learn how to get the robots to do your bidding through programming, and get the robots to solve interesting physical puzzles on our specially-designed playing fields. Journey together with the robots and take your first steps to becoming a full-fledged robotician!

Hardware Tinkering

Hardware Class

Want to give your child a full hands-on experience with electronics and hardware? Our hardware tinkering programs cater to those who wish to dabble and experiment with a vast array of tools, materials, and technologies. From stripping and assembling desktops and learning about each component, to designing and bringing home their own LED circuits. Join us in these hands-on activities and have some tinkering fun.

Coding with Games

Game Coding Class

Is your child interested in gaming? Channel your child's innate passion for play to something more productive! Become a game programmer during our holiday program. We introduce them to game development tools and concepts, and guide your child on creating their very own games. We cover the various aspects of game design, from manipulating the Minecraft world using Python API, to designing and developing games from base-up. Level up your child's game-programming skills with our Coding with Games classes.



Looking for something longer than our 2-hour programs?
Try out our bootcamps — these last over several sessions!

You may want your child to come down for a single sessions over consecutive days, or prefer to select our full-day bootcamp course instead! Let us know which arrangement best suits your schedule, and we will organize your child's timetable accordingly.