What is a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi

At a very basic level, a Raspberry Pi is a no-frills, credit-card sized computer. No, you cannot eat it – the pi isn't tasty at all, but you can do everything you would expect a normal computer to do with it! Simply hook up your Raspberry Pi to a screen, keyboard and mouse, and you can get started! The Raspberry Pi was developed with the intention of giving children all over the world an opportunity to discover programming as well as to understand how computers function. Compared to a normal computer, the Raspberry Pi is extremely affordable as well as having a low power-consumption. You can power it up using a simple micro-USB plug.

What can I do with it?

A Raspberry Pi comes with up to 40 General Purpose Input-Output (GPIO) pins. These pins allow you to send and receive all sorts of signals (for any general purpose) to other hardware. You can make it interact with the world with a vast array of add-on sensors and devices. Due to the low cost of the Raspberry Pi, programming electronics now becomes highly accessible and affordable to people of all ages. From creating simple projects like manning your own traffic light, to creating your own radio station, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination!

How do I control it?

If you want to use your Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer, there isn't really much to learn. It behaves just as how you might expect any other computer or laptop to behave. However, if you decide to maximize the potential of your Raspberry Pi and explore beyond into the world of computing, you may use programming languages like Scratch and Python to control the various sensors. If you are new to programming, do not worry. It is not hard to get started, but neither will it be an easy feat. Here at SNCA, we guide our students through the basic commands or application program interface (API) in order to properly instruct your Raspberry Pi!

More information

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More than 8 million Raspberry Pis have been sold to date! If you would like to have a Raspberry Pi to call your own, visit our online store today! We currently carry Raspberry Pi 2.

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